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Get to Know Us

Ruby & Her Pals is your fur baby’s second home. Whether you’re away for a day or the month, your pup has a safe & loving place to stay at Ruby & Her Pals. Ruby & Her Pals is owned and operated by Lisa Gangemi . They are both long-term Staten Island residents.

Lisa is a Registered Dietitian, owner of LMG Nutrition PLLC, and Dog Whisperer. Lisa has adored dogs for as long as she can remember, her dream came true at 9 when she got her first pup, Chance! Lisa has been caring for dogs on Staten Island for nearly 10 years.

 Ruby & Her Pals offers Lisa the opportunity to work together toward improving the lives of all the pups that come to stay. Ruby & Max can’t wait to meet their next new friend!

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Meet the Fam!

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