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What can we do for your furry friend?

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Overnight Stays
$70 per day-
pickup before 9am
+$20 pickup 9am-Noon
+$40 pickup Noon-3pm

+$60 pickup 3pm-6pm
+$70 pickup after 6pm

Federal Holiday OR Not Neutered/Spayed: +$30/day

Worried that your fur baby will feel lonely and sad while you’re away? There’s no need to stress or feel any guilt about taking a much-needed vacation when your pup has a place here at Ruby & Her Pals. We will make sure your fur baby is surrounded by love and attention while you’re away from home. They have the opportunity to met new friends, explore new areas, and get cozy with their home away from home. We send detailed daily updates, a-dog-able pictures, and PupFaceTime calls. We stick to your fur baby’s schedule & routine to ensure your pup doesn’t miss a beat.

Half day: $40 for 4hr
Full day: $70 for 4+ hours
Federal Holiday OR 
Not Neutered/Spayed: +$30/day

Doggie Daycare is perfect for when your errands are piled up or you have an all-day event and want to make sure your fur baby is getting the attention and fun they deserve. Drop your fur baby off with Ruby & Her Pals and leave with the peace of mind that your pup is having a great time while you’re stuck somewhere else. We send updates regarding your pup’s day and follow the same routine they are accustomed to! Daycare is offered from 6AM to 10PM daily.

2hr $50     3hr $60     4hr $70

Is your fur baby nervous on walks and anxious around other dogs? Do they act hostile when meeting new pup or human friends? Socialization is a great way to guide inexperienced pups through amiable introductions in a neutral setting. During socialization sessions your fur baby will gain a better sense of self, become more comfortable around dogs, and less anxious around humans. They will most definitely make new friends and have more successful interactions when they are out and about with you!

Book an Appointment

The fastest way to reach us is by messaging us at (646) 460-7129.

Please direct booking inquiries to (646) 460-7129 for all other questions please email us at

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