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In Loving Memory

Maxine, when we first met you, you were hiding under the couch playing with your mom, Rosie, and sister. The moment we sat on the floor you ran right for us and plopped into my lap. I knew then that you were coming home with us. I looked at your Dad and he looked back at me without saying anything, I could see in his eyes he felt the same way. We fell in love with you. 


I held you in my arms on the drive home, our first car ride together. It was so nice to see you experience a new thing that you loved instantly. You sat on my lap right next to your big sister, Ruby. The first car ride of so many that we would take together. You watched as Ruby looked out the window and you did the same. Your head catching the cool wind as your eyes took in all the excitement of the world around us. Right as we parked, you looked at us in the car almost to say This is my family. When we got home, you ran to the toy bin and started playing. You brought a toy over to Ruby and the two of you played together like you had been doing it for years. You fit effortlessly into our little family. 


From that moment, we did everything together. You became daddy’s little shadow, learning to stay underfoot and not trip us. You loved watching TV next to us and barking at the animals on the screen. We taught you everything and you loved learning: you knew how to come, stay, lay down, roll over, give kisses, give hugs, cha cha, and HIGH-FIVE! - Daddy wishes you would give him one more high-five and mommy would do anything to cha cha with you one more time. You made dinner with us and always looked for pets halfway through. When we ate, mommy couldn't resist sharing all her meals with you. You always gave daddy hugs on his legs when he did the dishes and kissed me on my face when I was in the middle of saying something - there is not a day I dont miss those kissy interruptions. 


You were loved by so many humans. Mima and Nonno loved when you slept over at their house. Mima would sing to you and you would listen to her songs and stories. Queen Maddie didn’t mind when you raced past her on the steps or snuggled up next to her and Mima on the couch. Nonna and Poppop loved your visits, they loved to have you cuddle up next to them, watch you swim in their pool, and run all over their living room, up the stairs, and back. Even when they moved they kept a place for you in their new home. Anna loved to play with you like you were her little sister, you two had so much fun playing vet, beauty parlor, and hide and seek together - you were the perfect pair. You were so loved by your many aunts and uncles. Especially Uncle Anthony who would take you out for the day and let you run wild - you always came home so happy after a day with him. Titi Sam loved your silly nature and puppy kisses, you lit up whenever she came over to visit and she couldn't stop smiling when she was with you. You’re God mommy Alexandra and God daddy Nick loved you like their own- you showed them how much love a puppy brings into a home.


You had so many doggie friends. You loved Louie and ran to him when he came over for sleepovers. You never wanted to sleep when Benny was over, you two loved playing so much mommy had to separate you two just so you lovers could get some sleep. You loved to have girl time with miss Nala on Wednesdays and on Thursdays you and your best friend Coco would spend the whole day playing tug a war together. On walks, you would get so excited when you saw your friends Milo and Leo, you loved how cool you looked next to those big boys. You had so much fun running outside with Dodge and Kona, Willa, Ruby, Sydney, Jerry, Angel, Pepper, and Phoebe. You especially loved your Morkie bestie Martini who always brought you your favorite toys - we still see you smile with your lime when we close our eyes. You had so many amazing fur friends that will miss your sweet friendship and wet kisses. Maxine you were so loved, you were the life of the pawtay wherever you went. Mommy and daddy will always light up - just the way you did - when we see your buddies. Your memory is printed on their hearts in the shape of your pawprint forever. Your cousins Ellie, Brady, Watson, Evie, and Tank love you so. Evie misses how you would follow her everywhere, she will always keep a spot open for you on her bed. Bella girl was waiting for you when you crossed over the rainbow bridge and we take comfort in knowing you two are together again. Daddy is praying Selena keeps you entertained till he gets there to run with you. 


Maxine, your happiness was contagious. Even when you drove mommy and daddy crazy with your mischievous puppy ways you still found a way to make us smile. You are pure love in the softest fluffiest puppy body. It hurts that time didn't allow us to watch you grow up. There is still so much love inside us that we want to give to you. You are a good girl and now you're our sweetest angel. Everywhere we look Maxine, we see you. Every thought we have leads back to you. You will forever be mommy and daddy’s angel. Even though we can’t see you, we feel you with us still, every time we feel you we feel whole again. 


Until we meet again our sweetest angel.

Benny & Max bed_edited.jpg

- Pawprint forever on our hearts -

We Love You Maxine

Thank you to Joe and Laura of Resting Paws for taking care of Maxine's final arrangements. They made a very difficult process go smoothly and they treated Maxine and our family with love, compassion, and care. 

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